Frequently Asked Delivery Questions
What are my receiving options?
  • Fully assembled structures
  • Kitted structures
  • Build on site

    How do I know which receiving option is right for me?
    It helps to ask yourself a few questions before deciding with shipping option is right. Here are a few..

    Do I have access to the site I would like to ship this structure if it arrived fully assembled?
  • Trees or tree branches?
  • Mailboxes, fences, gates, shrubbery?
  • telephone poles or overhead wires?
  • Septic, gas lines, drain fields?
  • Inclines, declines or ground/ soil condition

    Is it cost effective to ship a fully assembled structure to my delivery site?
    Kits can be cheaper long distance. Please see the "click here for a shipping quote" on the home page or call for a shipping quote. We would be happy to help you calculate the cost of shipping options!

    About Kits
    If any of these or any other obstacles prevent the delivery of a fully assembled the next option is a KIT. Most structures are available in kit form but to be safe, you will need to check with a sales representative to see if the structure you are looking at comes in kit form. All kits are fitted differently depending on there size. Some have instruction procedures while others do not. It helps to have some construction experience if you plan on assembling a kitted structure. See this link to see an A-frame T1-11sided kit being assembled by a homeowner. There are also a list of instructions at the following link:

    How are the kits shipped?
    The kit forms come on a small home delivery flatbed trailer, a large long distance tractor trailer or an enclosed box truck. Lancaster County Barns structures exceed size and weight requirements for UPS or Federal Express. See below for pictures of shipping options. In most situations the kits need hand unloaded by the receiver. Trucking company employees may or may not help. To insure you can handle the materials review the size and weights with your Lancaster County Barns sales representative. Most people have as a minimum 2 people who are capable of lifting very heavy items unloading the parts.

    What if I have no construction experience and do not feel comfortable assembling a kit?
    If this is what you are thinking you can hire a local contractor or in most of Lancaster County Barns product line, you can have us BUILD ON SITE.

    What is a BUILD ON SITE?
    A build on site is where a crew people come to your property and assemble the structure for you at your location. If this is your situation or preference please speak to a Lancaster County Barns Sales representative. In some cases traveling distance will prohibit this option.

    If none of the above situations suit you or prevent you from receiving a fully assembled building and you have decided this option is for you, here is some information on fully assembled shipping...

    FULLY ASSEMBLED? PRE BUILT Shipping option.
    Most of the structures sold from Lancaster County Barns are delivered FULLY ASSEMBLED. This option assumes you have access for a delivery truck to enter the property and back up to the structures drop off site.

    What kind of truck delivers a fully assembled building?
    There are many types of trucks and trailers. Most commonly used for structures 6' wide -14' wide and anywhere from 6'-36' long is the HOME DELIVERY TRUCK. These trucks are usually a 4 wheel drive pick up truck with an 8' wide flat bed trailer hitched on the back. These trailers are usually about 3' off the ground and run from 24-36' long.

    What are the other types of delivery trucks?
    Some delivery trucks are TRACTOR TRAILER TRUCKS. These are often too large for most home delivery access situations since the turning radius does not Allow for tight corners. Tractor trailers are used mostly in open fields with very hard flat ground conditions or large open paved areas.

    Using a tractor trailer with double wide garages...
    Since the tractor trailer flatbed extends sometimes up to 48' or so this is a good option to transport DOUBLE WIDE garages depending on the distance of the delivery site from Lancaster county PA. See this link for an example of Double Wide Garages

    The garage would come in half and the roof joined after the buildings are set together. often a small home delivery truck drives along to set the buildings tightly together.

    Using a tractor trailer with multiple structures...
    The tractor trailer is also used on orders where one is purchasing multiple sheds. Again, as long as access to the delivery site allows.

    Using a tractor trailer with horse barns:
    Another use for the tractor trailer option is Large Horse Barns or Modular Barns.

    The preferred tractor and trailer for horse barns beyond 36' of delivery one with a flatbed that has a full tilt. Full tilt beds allow for the entire flat bed to lift. This is particularly important because the barn configuration has no floor in the stalls.