Finding Your Shed
Are your kid's toys where your car should be? Does your garage look like flea market? You may need a shed. Don't wait until winter to find your motorcycle and grill a place to call home, autumn is great for this.

Choosing a shed is like choosing a miniature house. Your shed size depends on the things you are going to store, yard size, township ordinances, and your budget. Lancaster County Barns offers everything from small cozy sheds 6' x 8' to 14' x 40' to Double Wide garages 24' x 40'.

A quality shed doesn't have to be plain. Your shed can come with quality and elegance to match your home if you want. Lancaster County Barns can build anything from a standard plain shed to sheds that look like homes with porches. If you don't see what you are looking for on our website just ask us if this is something that we can build. That is the flexibility of custom building.

The first step is to decide how much and what you need to store. One way to find out how much room you are going to need is to take your stuff out of your garage onto your driveway and use a chalk line or regular chalk to draw 4 "walls" around your things (leave room to walk around comfortably) and then measure and you now have the size that you need. You may want to add a few feet for a few more toys later down the road.

Once you have decided on the size, your priority should now be the quality of your shed. If your taking the time to have this project come alive you are going to want the shed to last for years so keep that in mind when buying. If you sacrifice quality just to saw a few bucks keep in mind that down the road you may suffer headaches that could have been avoided had you spent those few extra dollars and bought a quality shed. Also think twice before buying a shed based solely on price, a few hundred dollars more might make a significant difference in quality.

The second step is to protect and maintain your shed by creating a solid foundation for your shed to rest on. Sheds require a level foundation for drainage and structural integrity. Stone pads are normally what customers choose however some choose to put sheds on concrete pads. You definitely do not want your shed on a slope or on a unleveled pad. Also you are going to want to keep from planting trees and shrubs right up against your shed. Keep in mind that where you position your shed may prevent you from maneuvering your lawn equipment in and around your shed/lawn.

The third step is to get specs from Lancaster County Barns to present to your town for zoning or building permits and maybe a few example pictures (we will not have your exact shed since we are custom building for you) to present to your home owners association as well. This step is not something that you want to forger because you do not want to end up with a shed that you can not keep or have to move once placed.

The fourth step is choosing a shed supplier. Purchasing a shed from someone you can trust is a vital part of the process. That is why Lancaster County Barns has a customer testimonial page for you to view from deliveries already made. You can view our customer testimonial page.

This is one purchase where you will get what you pay for. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality Amish built structures that will suit all of your needs, compliment your home and fit your budget.