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Foundations For Your Structure

Before receiving your dream outdoor structure, it is essential to have a reliable foundation in place to ensure it is dependable for years to come. A solid foundation is one of the most important components of an outdoor structure. The site should have a level surface. Please consult with our sales staff about what type best suits the structure you are selecting and to get in touch with one of our foundation experts.

Here are some recommended site preparations to consider: 

Pressure-Treated Shipping Rails

Your structure may be placed directly on the ground due to the pressure-treated 4x4s. It is important to leave space under the floor to avoid trapping moisture.

Stone Pads

Your structure may be set on a 4" to 5" deep pad of 3/4" Clean or 2B stones (3/8" to 1/12"). This is stone without powder or dust mixture. The dust eventually washes away and may cause additional settling. In order to inhibit weeds and deter moisture, we recommend that the stone perimeter extend 12" beyond your structure perimeter. 

Concrete Blocks

If your structure is 10’x12’ or under, you can set it on concrete blocks. Blocking should not extend more than 6" out of the ground. In order to avoid a large step into the shed, we recommend you use 2" or 4" concrete blocks.

Sonotubes/Concrete Forms

These 8"-18" wide concrete piers need to be set below frost level, above ground level, and level with one another. Ask your town for recommended spacing. Gravel is also recommended between tubes.

Concrete Pads

Your structure may be set on a concrete pad. When installing your concrete pad, keep your pad as close to ground level as possible.

Proper Care

Given proper care, your structure will exceed its lifespan. Airflow is the solution to unwanted moisture. 

Lancaster County Barns is not responsible for site prep. Each county or town has specific requirements for shed sizes, placement, or foundations. Please feel free to call us and place a sales quote at no cost, and we will provide a floor plan and specs upon your request. Our team will provide you with documentation to supply your town if permits are necessary. Visit to learn more and to find the right shed foundation for you.