Simply the Best...Customer Service.
Dear Walter & Jeremy:

I am writing you this letter to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding "First class" service I have received from your company and your staff of dedicated professionals.

Several months ago I was in the market for a shed that didn't actually look like a traditional shed, but rather a small cottage type structure. I live in the Fort Washington, Maryland (Southern Maryland) area, and there are quite a few manufacturers and distributor's here in my area however; all of the structures they produce look like "Sheds with windows".

While on the internet pondering one day I happen to come across your website and was amazed by what I saw; never before had I ever come across structures labeled as (Sheds) with the level of detail provided in your structures. It was mind-blowing, they're absolutely "Adorable" and I just had to have one.

Living so far away from your site and not having the ability to actually take a look-see, had me a little nervous in the beginning, however; all my fears and concerns quickly dissipated after talking with Kevin and Julie (Sales reps) who guided me through every step of the ordering process. They both were two of the most courteous and professional sales folks I have ever come across.

The shed that I ordered (12x20 Elite Victorian) arrived on 11-June-2008, exactly as promised. I am still reeling from the superb craftsmanship and the level of detail put into this piece. It truly exceeds what I was expecting to see... "Honestly".

Just when I thought this customer service experience couldn't get any better, I was again "Blown away" with the professional staff of delivery guys. These guys were "Awesome". The care and precision they used handling and anchoring the shed was phenomenal.

I have a similar project scheduled for next year and there's no question which company I'll be purchasing my structure through.

Lancaster County Barns "You're simply the best".


Malanio Lipscombe