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Metal Siding Options

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  Standards & Sizes

Lancaster County Barns offers a Metal-sided Storage Shed in two styles: Quaker and A-Frame. It comes with:

  • 2 windows
  • 1 double steel door

Each style is available in a wide range of sizes—from as small as 8'x10' to as large as 12'x28'. Select your desired size from the Metal-sided Storage Shed order page when placing your order.

STANDARD OPTIONS (see also Non-standard Options)
With a Metal-sided Storage Shed, your available standard options are:

  Siding Color

metal siding and metal roof colors

  Shingle Color

asphalt shingle colors


  Door Style
  • Double steel door
  • Single steel door
  • Plain steel garage door
  • Steel garage door with glass
  • Steel house door


  • Without window
  • Standard window—12" x 22"
  • Larger window—24" x 30"