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    Goat Shed with run in -customize smaller walls and larger roof pitch.

Goat Shed w/ Run-In

Lancaster County Barns custom builds sheds and run-ins to suit the number of goats or other animals you have. Some past clients have modified this to be a chicken coop on one side and goats on the other. Sizes range between 8' x 12' and 12' x 40' and pricing starts around $3,600. Includes a run in on one side (no floor) and an enclosed section with a floor, one set of double doors and gable vents on the other. Positions and sizes are customizable. See sales staff for options.

Looking for a different style? Try any one of our sheds. These can be customized into goat barns and start at almost half the price. Take a look at our Economy Mini Barn.

Features to consider:

  • 1" x 6" PT decking with gaps between in the enclosed section
  • Dutch doors
  • Oak kick to keep the goats from nibbling the wall studs
  • Transom windows for light 
  • Smaller/ goat door
  • Shelf for goats to climb on

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