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    24x24 with 10x24 HAY LOFT
    24x24 with 10x24 hay loft

Monitor Barns

Monitor barns are well suited to protect livestock, supplies, equipment, and other things you value. Lancaster County Barns offers high quality, Amish built custom barns for horses, cattle, alpaca, or other types of animals. By offering custom solutions, we can, together with our customers, design aisle and stall sizes, tackrooms, washrooms, or just open space that perfectly meets your needs.

Feel free to call us to discuss options to create the right barn for you or email us your plans. We offer board and batten siding monitor barns as well as metal and T1-11. Our service area is about a 300 mile radius from Lancaster PA. The barn shown is an Amish built modular barn which is 24' x 24' with a 10’ x 24’ hay loft. What size works best for you? Let’s design it together.

Options to consider:

  • # and size of stalls and aisle width
  • Exterior stall doors and windows
  • Stall interior finish
  • Include tack/feed/washroom
  • Roofline styles and pitches with rafters or truss
  • Overhangs on eve sides
  • Stall door designs (Solid grilled slider/yoke slider/drop yoke slider)
  • Solid walls/1/2 wall with grills or removable partitions between stalls
  • Modular stalls trucked in or on site assembly of the entire barn
  • Full second floor or a center loft with open eve sides
  • Stair or ladder access to second floor
  • Siding and roof material
  • Hay access doors on second floor
  • Cupolas/vents

You may have other ideas. Let us know!


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