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  • Victorian Single Car Garage Vinyl-2
    Victorian Single Car Garage Vinyl-2
  • Victorian Single Car Garage Vinyl-1
    Victorian Single Car Garage Vinyl-1

Standard Vinyl: Victorian Single Car Garage

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: Lancaster County Barns Amish-built garages are quality constructed with #2 2x4 studs and rafters 16" on center walls and roof,12" on center floor joists, double 2x4 headers, 1/2” plywood subroofing, 30 yr. architectural shingles, 5/8" plywood flooring, pressure-treated 2x4 floor joists and 4x4 shipping rails.The siding is 1/2" plywood overlaid with Cedar Creek Vinyl. (NO OSB)

Comes standard with 7' walls and a 5/12 roof pitch,  one 36" door, two 18 x36 or 24x36 windows, pressure treated 4x4's and pressure treated floor joists, one non insulated garage door. (8x7 in the 10' wide and 9x7 in 12 and 14' wide.)


*12" overhang above garage door 

*double floor thickness

* lower 6' walls and higher  7/12 roof pitch -If the garage is a kit or on site assembly wall and roof pitches can be increased.

*8" OC floor joists

*3/4" pressure treated floor

*2x6 floor joists

*insulated garage doors

*If you are temperature controlling ask for double bubble floor insulation option.

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