Terms and Conditions

Feel free to make your purchase Online
Browse our online catalog. Click on an image or a menu item to navigate to a product's order page. Numerous options are available such as size, exterior color, trim color, optional cupola, etc. After selecting your options, click on the button "Click for a Price Quote." Our system then displays a page listing the options you chose and a custom price quote. From that page you can confirm your purchase and place your order after supplying information we need to satisfy your order, such as your address. Our staff reviews all online orders, adds shipping costs, creates a sketch of our standard design and emails the sales quote and sketch to you for your approval. At the time the sketch is sent for your final approval, you will need to review and agree to the Lancaster County Barns Terms and Conditions. It is vital that you review in detail our Terms and Conditions. Lancaster County Barns will not charge your credit card until you have OK'ed your sales quote and sketch. (Custom designs are available and standard designs can be modified.)

You are welcome to call our friendly sales staff with your order
Browse our online catalog and then call our sales staff directly to place an order. Just as with online orders, a sales quote and a sketch based on your chosen options will be sent to you for your approval. At the time the sketch is sent for your final approval, you will need to review and agree to the Lancaster County Barns Terms and Conditions. It is vital that you review our Terms and Conditions. Lancaster County Barns will not charge your credit card until you have OK'ed the sales quote and sketch sent to you.

Payment Transactions
We require 100% payment via a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or Check when you finalize your order. If you place an order from outside the United States, your credit card company will convert the dollar-based charge to your own currency. You may send your credit card payment via phone, fax, snail mail or over the internet. Please note that your purchase will be displayed as "Lancaster County Barns" on your credit card statement.

All prices and price quotes given online are subject to change by Lancaster County Barns.

Methods of Delivery
Because we ship fully assembled structures throughout the east coast and kitted structures throughout the US and around the world, methods of delivery will vary. Please contact our sales staff for a specific method of delivery that would suit your location.

Delivery by Barn Hauling Trailer:
Delivery of fully assembled or kitted structures within a 500 miles radius of our home office, typically are delivered by Barn Hauling Trailer.

All preparatory work of the site and access to the site is the responsibility of the property owner.

The cost of delivery is based upon the distance of your location from our home office:
2392 Horseshoe Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

An estimated distance can by calculated using Google Maps, adding 30 miles to their route (for Horse Barns and Run-In Sheds, add 60 miles), and then applying the appropriate per mile rate. Our drivers are not allowed to travel on the turnpike and some other toll roads and therefore the distance calculation by Google Maps is just an ESTIMATE. To prevent excess charges at purchase, the additional mileage, tolls, etc. will be billed upon receipt of trucking company invoice.

Please note that shipping widths vary based upon structure type because the widest point of a structure is at the roofline. If your structure type has an overhang it may ship at a greater width. For example a 10' Wide Quaker will ship as a 12' Wide Structure because of the 2' overhang. Please contact our sales staff to assist with a specific structure type mileage rate.

8' Wide Structure - $2.85/mile
(No hauler permits required. No escort cars required. Significant roofline overhangs may require your structure to ship as a 10' Wide.)

10' Wide Structure - $2.99/mile
(Hauler permits required. No escort cars required. Significant roofline overhangs may require your structure to ship as a 12' Wide.)

12' Wide Structure - $2.99/mile
(Hauler permits required. Escort car requirements vary from state to state. Please feel free to call or email us for an estimate. Significant roofline overhangs may require your structure to ship as a 14' Wide.))

14' Wide Structure - $3.75/mile
(Hauler permits required. Escort car required. Please feel free to call or email us for an estimate)

All rates include: 30 minute unload/set-up time; set-up time over 30 minutes will be billed at $25.00 per 1/2 hour. Downtime is $50.00 per hour.

Tolls, Fees, Fuel Surcharges (as long as Diesel Fuel continues to be above $2.69/gallon) etc...: 10', 12' & 14' require Hauler Fee (See below). Additionally, all applicable tolls, bridge fees, fuel surcharges, pipe rolls, etc... are the responsibility of the customer and will be included in the Cost of Delivery. Additional Cost of Delivery will be billed to customer upon delivery. (NOTE: A haulers permit is required in each state the truck travels through to your location. Haulers permit fees are as follows:

(PA - $25) (VA - $35) (CT - $50) (OH - $30) (DE - $25) (WV - $40) (MD - $50) (NJ - $25) (NY - $75) (NYC - $45 - Must go through NYC to get to Long Island)
(Long Island - $45) (Metro Areas - DC, Philly, Baltimore, Northern VA, etc - $200)

Long Island, NYC, and Bronx New York Rates:

8'=$900 / 10'=$1300 / 12'=$1800 / 14'=$1975
All rates include: 30 minute load and unload time; set-up time over 30 minutes will be billed at $25.00 per 1/2 hour. Downtime is $50.00 per hour. Rates DO NOT include : Tolls OR Escort Services.
Escort services vary in each state. On average they are a minimum of $150
and $1.40/mile

All Prices Listed Above are Subject to Change

Delivery of Kitted Structures via Common Carrier:

  1. Shipped Common Carrier to the closest terminal near you. You are responsible to pick it up at the nearest terminal.
  2. Shipped to a Local Business near you that would agree to unload it for you with a forklift. You are responsible for finding the local business.
  3. 3. Shipped direct to your house. This is a more expensive, but more convenient option that the first two options. Please verify that a tractor trailer truck can access your home from the main road. Also you will need persons capable of hand unloading piece by piece and packaging material. Please note the driver will NOT assist in unloading the kit. If the size of your kit is 4'x 7 1/2' lift gate service is available upon request. Lift gates allow entire unit dropped off by the driver. There is an additional $75 fee for the lift gate.
  4. 4. Please be sure to inspect your kitted structure when it arrives. Please contact the sales office PRIOR to assembly if any part is missing or damaged. Since we are subject to Common carrier claims department procedures the following must be done in case of damaged packaging or product:
  5. Notation of either damaged packaging/product must be written on the document you sign for acceptance. If there is a box or category stating, "Wrap intact? Please check or note NO. Note: driver may want to leave before inspection is complete. If so, make sure you note this on the delivery acceptance paperwork.
  6. Please take pictures of the damage and forward to Lancaster County Barns via email within 3 days of receiving shipment.


    Onsite Installation and Assembly:
    When site access will not allow for the width of your structure to be delivered fully assembled, we offer Onsite Installation and Assembly services via WeCare Logistics. It is your responsibility to provide a level foundation or WeCare Logistics will not be able to perform installation and assembly. The cost of their return trip will be your responsibility. Any additions or changes to your structure during installation and assembly must go through the Lancaster County Barns sales office. If the kit components need to be carried more than 50 yards, there will be an additional labor charge of $45 per man per hour ($45 min). A charge of $100 will apply on all installations above a 3' grade.

    Exchanges and Returns of Fully Assembled Structures:
    STRUCTURES will NOT be exchanged or returned the day of your delivery.(See Special Note on Goods Damaged in Shipment)

    If it is determined that the shed needs to be returned to Lancaster County Barns due to an error that cannot be corrected by Lancaster County Barns at your location, the structure will be placed in a designated spot on your property until a date for pick up is determined. In the event a new structure is coming as an exchange, the pick up will take place the day the new structure is delivered. In some cases this can take up to 4 weeks. In the event it has been determined another structure will not be in its place, the structure will be picked up at our first open schedule date.

    Special Note on Goods Damaged in Shipment
    Be sure to inspect your shipment as soon as it arrives. If the product has been damaged during shipment, you must contact Lancaster County Barns while the Delivery Company is at your location. Failure to do so will result in additional fees to facilitate return of the damaged goods or damage will be your responsibility to repair.

    Lancaster County Barns is NOT responsible for the following

  7. Site preparation: An existing level site is required to set your structure properly. If your site is not level your doors will not operate properly and the overall structure will not hold its integrity while settling.
  8. Blocking materials: Your structure unloads from the end of the trailer. When setting up blocks keep in mind that we need to back onto the site to unload. Blocking should not extend out of the ground more than 6" in center or on the end the truck is backing in from. (See note below on concrete blocks and piers.)
  9. Minor blocking and leveling of structure: (Drivers responsibility if your site is prepared properly)
  10. Site accessibility: (Power lines, trees, tree branches, rocks, fences, posts, mailboxes, other buildings, and anything in the way of the truck or placement are your responsibility to move.) Prior to delivery, please clear the path to your structure's foundation. Doing so will help cut down time on station expenses. NOTE: If site is inaccessible, for any reason, our driver may unload your structure as close the intended site as conditions permit. This is called a CURBSIDE DELIVERY. The truck and driver must be able to drive out from under the structure.
  11. Property damage: Resulting from inaccessibility, soft ground, trees, wells, septic systems, etc..
  12. Ground conditions: The ground must be hard enough for the delivery company to drive on to accomplish the job. Therefore, if the truck/trailer gets stuck, you will be responsible for the tow truck expense.

    Time on Station/Setting your Structure
    If the structure requires any of the following:
    • Additional time (anything over 1/2 hr is considered additional time) to straighten/level/block to the best of our ability with the drop site provided.
    • Setting the structure in an alternate location as a result of poor access.
    • Reloading to move the structure to another location
    In any of the above situations, the time incurred will be billed at $50 per hour.

    If site access turns out to be an unforeseen problem for you or setting the structure requires additional equipment such as, but not limited to, a back loader/forklift/crane, because we do not provide these services, we will set the structure in a different spot at the drop site. Given the approval of the Delivery Company, only structures that are 8' wide may be returned the same day. You will be charged whatever mileage the trucker incurs to return the structure at the current delivery rate.
    (Note: Some structures cannot be moved with the above equipment listed)

    In the event the truck cannot access your desired site, structures 12' x 12' and under can usually be rolled with schedule 40 PVC pipes short distances. If you believe this may be your situation please contact me and have at least 3 people at the site to aid in placement. The truck driver will be the fourth person. There is a $35.00 fee to use the rollers plus time on station over and above the ½ hour setting time. Please note: ROLLING CANNOT BE DONE ON INCLINES OR SLOPES.

    Concrete Blocks / Piers
    If your structure is 10' x 12' or under you can set it on concrete blocks, blocking should not extend more than 6" out of the ground. In order to avoid a large step into the shed, we recommend you use 2" or 4" concrete blocks or dig the blocking into the ground near ground level.

    If concrete piers are used they should also not extend more than 6" out of the ground. These are commonly used in larger buildings according to local town building codes. Please note that if the structure is delivered fully assembled, piers need to be spaced so the truck is not backing over them.

    Concrete blocks are not recommended if the truck cannot back up straight to the short side of the pad. In this case crushed stone is a better option.

    Color Disclaimer
    Although the color scans on this web site were scanned with a very high quality scanner not all computer monitors are the same and do not necessarily display colors the same way. It is recommended that you have your video resolution adjusted to 800 x 600 or greater and your color depth set to 16 bit (high color) or 32 bit (true color). Most modern computers are capable of displaying 16.7 million colors at one time in 32 bit mode.


    If an exact color match is required -- please submit a color sample to us and we will match it as close as possible using our standard colors. We also use name brand vinyl and shingles you may want to check them out at your local hardware or lumber store (call for brand names if not posted).

    Building Storage
    Should you not be able to take delivery of your building within 4 weeks of our contacting you to set up delivery we will charge you a storage fee charge of $50 per week.

    Delivery Cancellation
    Flatbed Barn Hauling Trailer delivery may be cancelled 3 business days in advance of the delivery date. In the event that you do not provide 3 business days advance notice, but we can stop the delivery, you will be responsible for the cost of any permits that were purchased for your delivery. In the event that we cannot stop the truck, you will be responsible for the return delivery cost and any permits that were purchased for your delivery.

    Common Carrier may not be stoppable and you will have to take delivery. In the event of a refusal, the return delivery and any storage fees will be your responsibility.

    Large Ticket Item Cancellation Fee Schedule
    25% 5 Business Days from Order
    50% 10 Business Days from Order
    90% 15 Business Days from Order
    100% 16+ Business Days from Order
    Estimated Shipping Cost and Hauling Fee will be refunded in Full, unless a delivery attempt has been made.

Back Orders
Barns, Sheds, and Gazebos may take 6-8 weeks for delivery. However, this does not apply to BUILD on SITES. They will be scheduled when our crews and trucks are available. You may inquire about your order status by sending an e-mail. To keep prices as low as possible, some products are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

Fees and Payment
Any amounts payable to Lancaster County Barns not paid when due will bear interest at the rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month or the maximum rate permitted by applicable law, whichever is less. If Lancaster County Barns collects any payment due at law or through an attorney at law or under advice there from or through a collection agency, Customer will pay all costs of collection, including, without limitation, all court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees. If any check is returned for insufficient funds, Lancaster County Barns may impose a processing charge of $25.

Tax Charges
For orders made from within the United States sales tax will be applied to all in state orders. Our business is operated from Pennsylvania. All other orders are sales tax free. Any state use tax is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Credit Card Security
All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when the order is placed using 128 bit encryption. They are only decrypted after they reach our computer. They are not held in clear text on any web site.

Reaching Us
If you need to reach us, please email us on service@lancasterbarns.com, alternatively, you can call on (717) 278-2977 or fax us on (717) 427-1548 or write to us at Lancaster County Barns, 2392 Horseshoe Road, Lancaster PA 17601 (Note: We do not have any retail locations.)

Privacy Policy
Lancaster County Barns do not disclose buyers information to third parties. Cookies are used on this shopping site to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item, to store delivery addresses if the address book is used and to store your details if you select the 'Remember Me' option.

Limitations/ Exclusions:
Local Building Codes:
Codes vary from town to town all throughout the US. You as the purchaser are responsible for being aware of what those codes making sure both the structure and foundation and in compliance. If you are required to have specific designs/materials etc. please review that with your sales representative and we can assist you. Custom design is available as the product/design/service allows.

Kitted Structure Assembly:
Some of our structures are available in kitted form. Not all have instructions. Construction experience is necessary for assembly. Please look over all kits PRIOR to assembly making sure all parts are included and nothing is dama

Applicable Law
Lancaster County Barns reserves the right to make changes to our site and these disclaimers, terms, and conditions at any time. By using this site, you agree to be bound by the terms hereof and by any such revisions. This site is created and controlled by Lancaster County Barns in the State of Pennsylvania, USA. The laws of the United States and the State of Pennsylvania will govern these disclaimers, terms, and conditions, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. Venue and jurisdiction for all disputes will lie in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. You agree that if any part of these terms and conditions are found to be unenforceable, the remainder of these terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.