Why Own an Amish Built Garage from Lancaster Barns?

Did you recently add a new automobile or utility vehicle to your household? Or are you looking for a larger space on your property where you can safely store more personal belongings or seasonal items? If so, then a prefab or custom-built garage from Lancaster Barns might be the perfect solution!

Amish garages from Lancaster Barns are high-quality structures that not only shelter your vehicles from the elements but also provide lots of extra storage space. They also offer versatility for other uses, such as a workshop, art studio, or even a work-from-home space. In addition to gaining more usable space, you’re also adding beauty and value to your property.

How to Choose the Right Garage Style & Size

The process for selecting the best garage for your specific needs begins with choosing the structure type and size.

First, consider how your garage will be used. Do you need to store one car? Two cars? Do you want more storage space? Lancaster Barns offers a wide range of garage styles and sizes along with many ways to customize them.

Our single-car garages are very popular and come in a variety of siding and roofline options. Using our virtual shed designer tool, we’ll help pick out your doors, windows and other design elements so everything is perfectly positioned for functionality and aesthetics.

Our two-car modular garages have enough space for two cars or one car with extra space for storage. They’re built in two sections onsite at our Lancaster County facility and then delivered to your property either assembled or unassembled, depending on the garage type. Different siding options are this style of garage can be built with a steeper pitch roof for a more custom look that also provides extra headroom and storage.

In addition to our pre-built garages, custom one-story and custom two-story garages are available and all are designed with help from our expert design team!

Our Most Popular Amish Garages

Wondering what our most popular garage designs are?

Our most popular value-priced garage design is our Standard T1-11: A-Frame Single Car Garage, available in all of our siding options. 

Standard T1-11: A-Frame Single Car Garage
Standard T1-11: A-Frame Single Car Garage

Customers looking for a few more design details than the Standard T1-11 can choose the Classic T1-11: A-Frame Single Car Garage which offers the Homestead trim package and garage door style.

Classic T1-11: A-Frame Single Car Garage
Classic T1-11: A-Frame Single Car Garage

Those looking for a low-maintenance garage option will often purchase our Standard Vinyl: A-Frame Single Car Garage which comes standard with 7’ walls and a 5/12 roof pitch.

Standard Vinyl: A-Frame Single Car Garage
Standard Vinyl: A-Frame Single Car Garage

And customers who want a garage with a rustic aesthetic like our Board & Batten: A-Frame Garage. The classic look of its A-Frame roofline is a great complement to many of today’s modern home designs. It’s also easy to customize the look of the structure by changing the door designs, window sizes, and positions of both.

Board & Batten: A-Frame Single Car Garage
Board & Batten: A-Frame Single Car Garage

Roofline Options for Your Garage

The A-Frame is one of five roofline options that are available for your Lancaster Barns garage. We also offer a Dutch roofline, which offers the most overhead storage space – ideal for sporting equipment, keepsakes, seasonal décor, and more. By adding a loft to the space, you can greatly expand the amount of room you have in the same footprint.

Victorian roofline garage with a dormer is another good option for adding a classical yet functional upgrade to your property. The addition of a dormer with this roofline lets in extra light and provides more storage.

A garage with a Hip roofline creates a unique look that can help complement your home. The roofline ridge vent is the best option for this roofline style. View our standard vinyl hip roof garages and available options.

A garage with a Lean To roofline is designed to sit beside an existing structure, making it look like a seamless extension of that structure. For a more modern garage look, have this type of garage installed independently of any other structure. Designing the garage with custom wall heights allows it to fit into a specific space. Lean To garages can be built with or without floors.

Choose Your Garage Siding

The type of siding to use on your shed is another choice you’ll need to make in addition to garage style, size, and roofline. The siding not only sets the tone for the look of your garage but it also protects your garage contents from the elements.

Lancaster Barns offers a number of different siding options, including Painted DuraTemp, Vinyl, Board and Batten, and Stone. Our team will help you choose the best type of siding to suit your budget and how you plan to utilize the structure.

Choose Lancaster Barns for Your Custom Amish Built Garage

Let the experts at Lancaster Barns help you choose the Amish prefab garage or custom design for your property and personal needs – from one-car and two-car structures to high-end two-story, custom built garages. Contact our team Monday through Friday at (717) 553-0300 or request a free quote anytime online.