Optimize Storage Shed Space with these Features

One of the top reasons customers purchase a shed from Lancaster Barns is to gain additional storage that can free up valuable space in a garage, basement, or attic. Your Amish storage shed will quickly become a priceless extension of your home that can be optimized for maximum storage ability. Choosing the right shed features when designing your structure will ensure you make the most of every inch of space!

Below are important features to consider that will help optimize space in your outdoor storage shed. Our shed designer will help you create your custom-built structure and make sure you incorporate elements such as the ones below depending on the type of shed you purchase and how you intend to use it:

Roofline Selection

Choosing a roofline for your shed depends on several factors, including the amount of storage space you’re looking to achieve.

For basic storage needs, a simple and economical roof pitch can be the best option.  If you’re investing in a hobby or workshop shed, then you probably want to consider a roofline that provides more overhead space.

victorian roofline shed

Victorian roofline shed creates a distinct aesthetic for any storage shed, workshop, or home office. Adding a dormer to this type of shed will provide additional storage space.

Our Classics/steeper roof pitch is another type of roofline that can provide additional storage space.

If you want the most overhead storage space for your money, choose a barn style roofline shed with a loft. You’ll increase the amount of space you have within the same footprint. 

If you like barn style storage sheds but don’t have enough space on your property, consider one of our mini barn sheds. These smaller barn style storage buildings can make the perfect tool storage shed,  bicycle storage shed, seasonal items, or lawn mower storage shed! 

Quaker shed offers a roofline design with a distinctive overhang. The Quaker storage shed style offers open rafter space on the interior which provides lots of headroom and additional storage space.  

The complexity of a roofline can affect the overall cost of your structure. Have a planned budget in mind when you’re ready to purchase your shed, and our design will work with you to ensure you make the best roofline choice for your storage needs and your wallet.

Interior Storage Options

When designing your Amish made storage shed from Lancaster Barns, you can use our free virtual Shed Designer Tool and add shelving and workbench options, which are great storage solutions.

Depending on the shed style and size you choose, you can add a number of shelves and workbenches. Depths and lengths are customizable for each shed based on usage needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best placement options for maximum storage efficiency.

work bench

Thinking about a garden tool storage shed that can also function as a greenhouse? Our Greenhouse Shed has plenty of storage for all your gardening supplies and also has a 2’ poly top shelf around the entire interior perimeter.

Looking for a wood storage shed? We’ve got options!

Wood storage shed

Need a larger barn for storing hay or farm equipment? This board & batten storage shed can be customized to suit exactly what you need. 

If you’ve been dreaming of a pool storage shed that can also function as a cabana for entertaining or relaxation, add this Lancaster pool cabana to your wish list. Its flexible design offers plenty of space for a refrigerator, pool supplies, seasonal furniture, and more. 

pool cabana

In addition to adding shelving and workbenches to your custom shed design, there are other economical ways you can make the most out of every inch of shed space.

Pegboards are excellent for hanging tools and equipment. Just customize your board layout with different types of hooks and pegs to meet your storage needs, whether it’s gardening accessories, pool supplies, or sports equipment. 

Hanging organizers or racks on the inside of shed doors can be very handy for storing frequently used items like hand tools, gloves, or small pots. 

Portable rolling cabinets with drawers can also be useful for accessing smaller items that are used often. And they can be conveniently tucked away in a shed corner when they’re not being used.

Try Our Storage Visualizer!

If you know exactly what you want to store in your new shed from Lancaster Barns, but you’re not sure what size shed would be best, our Storage Visualizer can help!

With just a few easy clicks, the Storage Visualizer feature in our Shed Designer Tool shows you how all your items will fit in your shed. 

For lawn and garden items, you can place items such as push or riding mowers, wheelbarrows, garden tillers, snowblowers, and more.

For vehicles, choose from a UTV, mid-size car, pickup, 4-wheeler, motorcycle, golf cart, or utility tractor.

For miscellaneous family items, you can choose from items like a bicycle, Adirondack chair, porch swing, storage solutions like totes and shelves, and more.

Got tools? See how these items will fit your shed space – table saw, vacuum, drill press, air compressor, rolling tool chest, or trash can.

Create the Amish Storage Shed of Your Dreams with Lancaster Barns

By adding any number of features and storage solutions into your shed, you can create an efficient space that conveniently accommodates all your belongings and makes your life a whole lot easier!


To get started on your custom storage shed design, contact the Lancaster Barns team Monday through Friday at (717) 553-0300 or request a free quote online. 

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