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Cottage Playhouse (shown with optional Porch Swing)

8 x 12 Cottage Playhouse w/ Porch Swing

Please call or email for a quote and make sure you add your size and zip code for the delivery location. The shipping rails on this model that are the base of the shed run the gable side direction. So if you ordered an "8x12"  8' is the length and 12' is the width. So when choosing your size, for example the 8x12 has 8x8 interior space and 4' of porch. 

Optional: Loft/Ladder, Porch swing (available in wood and vinyl)

Sizes available: 8'x12', 8'x14', 10'x12', 10'x14' 

Cottage Playhouse comes standard with:

  • (1) Child Dutch Door - 4' High by 24" Wide
  • (1) Adult Door - 70" High by 31" Wide
  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • (2) Windows with shutters
  • (2) Flower boxes
  • wavy or straight trim
  • gable end vents
  • Wooden Porch included in overall width (3' on 8 wide and 4' on 10' wide)

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