Creative Uses for a Backyard Studio Shed

When homeowners start running out of space in their homes but don’t want to invest their money or time into moving into a larger home, they come up with creative ways to maximize their current property space. One easy and very effective solution is to install a backyard studio shed. Get yours today

Custom-built studio sheds from Lancaster Barns are extremely versatile, available in many different sizes and materials, and are easily installed by our expert team. Let’s look at some of the most popular uses for a backyard studio shed.

Art Studio Shed

Whether art is part of your full-time job or it’s just a personal hobby, an art studio shed can be the perfect getaway spot to let your creativity run wild. It also offers extra space to store just about anything.

You can use art sheds for a variety of traditional activities like painting, drawing, photography, or even pottery. Or, think outside the box and use your shed for recording podcasts or doing video work! The ability to custom-design your art shed with Lancaster Barns gives you endless possibilities.

Dreaming of an outdoor art studio where you can connect with nature? Design your shed with large windows to let in lots of natural light and landscape views. Do you enjoy creating outside in the fresh air? You can design your backyard art studio to include a porch that provides even more access to nature while protecting you from the sun and rain.

Backyard Studio Shed with Transom Dormer

Garden Shed Art Studio

If you have a love for art but also have a green thumb, design a garden shed art studio! Your space can be used for both hobbies – from painting Picassos to potting the best-looking floral arrangements in the neighborhood.

When deciding on your shed type, choose a larger size that gives you plenty of space for all the things! Add interior options like workbenches and shelves that give you plenty of storage for art supplies, pots, gardening tools, and other accessories.

To pull your shed design together and see a virtual representation before you submit your final order, use our Virtual Shed Designer Tool. It’s free and easy to use and lets you choose your shed style, size, siding, doors and windows, flooring, and interior options.

Yoga Studio for Backyard

If health and wellness is at the top of your priority list, consider investing in a home gym or yoga studio for your backyard! Create a private, personal space where you can put your weights and cardio equipment. And if you’re a yogi, create a calming studio sanctuary with soft wall colors, natural light, yoga mats, and relaxing music.

What are the other benefits of having a backyard studio? You can enjoy your dedicated space year-round, and it’s easily accessible from your home, and you have a spot where you can escape from your daily responsibilities – even if just for a short while!

8' by 14' backyard studio shed with LP LAP SIDING

Work-From-Home Studio Shed

The work-from-home trend, whether part-time or full-time, has brought about the need for dedicated home office space for many individuals. To create this much-needed private space, many are investing in studio sheds.

Having a dedicated workspace that’s separate from your main home helps promote a better work-life balance. It also gives you added privacy, which leads to greater productivity. With your work studio shed, you’ll get more done in less time!

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