Working from Home? Consider a Backyard Office Shed.

When it comes to workplace trends, all signs lead to the continuation of remote work
opportunities for many employees – if not on a full-time scale, at least in a part-time
Of course the type of job you have may not lend itself to a work-from-home situation.
But if it does, it’s likely that your long-term work landscape will be hybrid – both remote
and in-person.

Benefits of Working Remotely

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Ever since remote working grew out of necessity a few years ago, there seems to be two camps of people – those who love working from home, and those who don’t enjoy it. But since more people than ever are working remotely, there are new work-from-home trends and tips that have helped the nay-sayers embrace the remote work life a little more. For those who do work remotely at least few days a week, there are quite a few benefits.

Short Commute. Many remote workers end up setting up shop in their home, whether it’s in a study, spare bedroom, or maybe even at the kitchen island. Wherever it may be, the short commute from bedroom to work area is a definite advantage.

Location Flexibility. For full-time remote workers who have an employer that allows them to work from anywhere, they have the flexibility and freedom to move and live wherever they desire.

Less Distractions. Working from home can give you more control of your time and prevent fewer distractions throughout your work day, like less time-consuming water cooler chat with your colleagues.

Cost Savings. Remote work can also provide significant cost savings in terms of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, even your work wardrobe and lunch spend.

Your Work-From-Home Solution: An Office Shed

Office Shed in backyard

Many remote-work homeowners now face the challenge of establishing a suitable space at their residence where they can carry out their daily job responsibilities.

One solution that has grown in popularity in recent years is the backyard office shed. In fact, a record number of people are investing in a home office shed as their long-term, permanent workspace – and with good reason.

Why Invest in a Home Office Shed

Having a designated workspace – especially one that’s physically detached from the rest of your home – comes with many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that you’ll increase your productivity, and there’s a growing amount of research to support this.

Here are other benefits you’ll experience if you invest in an office shed:

Privacy. Having a home office shed gives you much-needed privacy to make phone calls, attend meetings, and complete important projects.

Work-Life Separation. Placing a clear boundary between your work life and personal life is essential for many to live a happy, healthy life. Having a dedicated space where you can leave work commitments behind at the end of the day can make all the difference in having an effective work-life balance. 

Higher Property Value. Investing in an office in a shed, even if it’s just a small office shed, can add value to your home. It’s an appreciating asset and can be significantly more affordable than renovating a basement or attic or adding more square footage to your home.   

Flex Space. When you’re not using your backyard home office for work, you can use the space in other ways. It can be repurposed for a hobby space, reading nook, small gathering space for friends or family, or a children’s play area.

Top Considerations for Your Shed Office

backyard storage shed interior that has been finished out for an office

If a backyard shed office is in your sights, consider these important factors when deciding on the best solution for your needs. 

Budget. The first step to investing in a shed office is determining the amount of budget you have available – not just for the shed but also for the various contents you’ll need to outfit the office and make it a viable working space. 

Size of Space. Your budget will help determine the size of the outside office shed you can afford but it’s also important to figure out how much space you need to work comfortably. Will you need lots of office equipment? Do you need a dedicated meeting area for visitors? Consider all of this before designing your space. 

Storage and Seating. Think about how much storage space you’ll need – shelves, cabinets, closet, etc. and determine how much additional seating you’ll need beyond your main desk space. 

Access. Last but not least, think about the best location on your property for accessing your backyard home office. You want it far enough from your main living quarters to have privacy, but still convenient to get back and forth from home to office as needed.

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