Reduce Waste, Improve Safety with a Quality-Built Hay Bale Feeder

If you’re an equine owner, you understand the importance of having a quality stable that will protect your horses from the elements and keep them healthy and safe. It’s equally important to have the proper amount of space and storage for your tack and saddle supplies. And let’s not forget how important it is to have a safe and comfortable place for your horses to feed.

Horse eating from a round hay bale feeder with a roof

hay bale feeder can provide the perfect open-air feeding spot for your horses, and Lancaster Barns offers a wide range of fully assembled round bale hay feeders.

Our horse feeders are crafted with sturdy pine board and oak materials, and we use 4x4 pressure-treated rails as the base. We offer three different sizes with the option to add stain/paint as well as a different trim color.

All of our round hay bale feeders have a roof, which can be built with either metal on 2x4 lath or shingles on top of LP TechShield roofing underlayment. To limit nail exposure, the undersides of our roofs are finished with plywood. 

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The Benefits of a Covered Hay Feeder

Because hay is such a critical food source for horses, it’s important to have proper storage for it until it’s ready for consumption. Some equine owners may use a traditional hay barn or a pole barn. Some may have a separate storage area for hay bales in their stable. As long as an effective storage solution is used, the hay will be safe and healthy to consume once it’s ready for feeding time. And if the hay is transferred to a feeder with a roof, it’s easier to maintain its quality, minimize waste, and ensure your horses are fed well. 

A covered hay bale feeder for horses


Here are a few more benefits of investing in a covered hay feeder with a roof:

Good Nutrient Retention

Keeping your feed in a covered outdoor shelter helps ensure the hay bales stay fresh, which promotes better nutrient retention. A hay crop that gets damaged from improper storage should always be discarded because it can cause serious health issues for a horse. 

Protection from the Elements

With a covered hay feeder, the hay is better protected from harmful elements like rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. This helps limit moisture and mold growth and potential contamination from debris and other unwelcome objects.


When a covered feeder is used, horses are better protected and can enjoy safe, comfortable access to their food source. When deciding on a location on your property for your feeder, make sure it’s in a spot that is convenient for the horses and convenient for you to keep it stocked and well-maintained.  


When you invest in a round bale hay feeder from Lancaster Barns, you know you’re getting a quality product that will last for years and require minimal repairs. We use the best construction materials and builders in the industry.


All our hay bale feeders can be customized to your needs. Our team will assist you every step of the way – helping you choose the size, materials, roof type, color, and more.

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