Get Ready for Summer with a Pool House Shed

Summer is around the corner! That means many homeowners are getting ready to open their pools in preparation for warm, sunny weather and outdoor fun.

Whether you’re an existing pool owner or you’re having a brand new pool installed, a great complement to any above-ground or indoor pool is a pool house shed.

Pool sheds can be extremely versatile. When it comes to customizing your own shed, the sky’s the limit! You can choose a simple, small pool shed or go bigger and design a pool house shed with lots of square footage and functionality.

backyard pool cabana with bar

5 Creative Pool Shed Ideas

Because pool sheds from Lancaster Barns are customizable, there are a number of creative ways they can be used. Here are 5 popular pool shed ideas:

Pool Cabana with Bar

Add a pool cabana with bar to your backyard and create the ultimate tropical oasis! Family and guests have a space to get out of the sun, relax, and enjoy beverages. Design your cabana to include space for a refrigerator, cabinets for glassware storage, and of course comfortable seating.

Storage Shed Pool House

Include an enclosed room in your pool house for storage purposes. It can be used to stash away pool supplies and inflatables, lawn equipment, and seasonal furniture. Or, if your home is overflowing with other kinds of clutter, move those items to the pool house to free up more space. 

Private Changing Area

Some shed owners choose to add a changing area to the pool house space. It can be as simple as a private room where guests can change in our out of their swimwear, or it can be more elaborate and include a shower area for rinsing off chlorine after a long day of swimming. A shower area can also be used as a place to clean up after exercising outdoors or mowing the lawn.  

Outdoor Kitchen & Dining

Turn your pool house up a notch and create an outdoor kitchen and dining area with a grill, eating area, and other amenities. This opens up a lot of entertainment options! You can host a neighborhood BBQ, birthday parties, or kid play dates. Having an outdoor kitchen/dining area in your pool house shed also keeps guest foot traffic to a minimum in your main residence. 

Are you the ultimate entertainer? Create a more sophisticated outdoor kitchen with a shed option like the custom concession stand.

Sun Shelter

Summertime pool activities can get hot. It’s always nice to have a cool, shaded spot where you can still be poolside but also be protected from the sun’s rays. Include an open-air porch or screened-in porch with your pool shed and you’ll have plenty of space to get respite from the sun and from other elements like wind and rain.

outdoor pool shed with double entry doors

Customizing Your Lancaster Barns Amish Pool House

Whatever your usage, you can easily customize every aspect of your pool house shed from Lancaster Barns. 

Exterior options like siding, roof, porch, windows, and doors can be customized to complement the look of your home’s exterior or the look of your pool area and backyard landscape or hardscape. 

Your shed’s interior can be customized in many ways as well. Choose your flooring, shelving, loft spaces, interior partitions, and more.

white pool house with covered porch

Ways to Organize Your Pool Shed

Get the most out of your pool house space by using these helpful organizational methods:

Use Shelves and Cabinets

If you plan to use your pool house shed for storage or entertainment, make sure to include shelves and cabinets. Make use of open wall space and install shelving that is easily accessible for storing items like phones or portable speakers, sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses.  

Cabinets can be used for storing items like clean pool towels, extra clothes, dinnerware and glassware, paper products, and trash bags. 

Hooks and Racks

You can never have too many hooks and racks in your pool house! They’re great for hanging wet towels, swimsuits and cover-ups, and pool bags for toys and other accessories. 

Storage Bins

Use waterproof plastic storage bins in your pool shed. This will prevent the growth of mold and mildew that can happen if you store items in cardboard boxes or fabric containers. To easily identify items inside the containers, use clear containers or label your storage bins.

Airtight Food Containers

Will you be serving food and drinks in your pool house? Keep perishable items safe yet accessible in airtight containers. Storing snacks and beverages in your pool shed helps keep you and your guests poolside – and away from your home where they’re likely to bring in water, dirt, and grass from your backyard.

Design Your Dream Pool House with Lancaster Barns

Do you have some ideas for what your pool shed could look like? Bring them to life using our free Shed Designer tool, then connect with our team. We would love to help you build a custom shed solution that you can enjoy for years to come. Email us online or call us at 717-553-0300.