Turn a Shed Into a Dream Backyard Workshop

Do you have a hobby you love, but don’t have the space to put your treasures or to work on your projects? Turning a shed into a backyard workshop can be a great option for gaining additional storage and stretching your creativity!

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of investing in a workshop shed, the top things to consider when making a purchase, and some shed workshop ideas.

5 Benefits of Owning a Backyard Workshop Shed

Workshop shed with large windows and double doors

If you’ve been thinking about setting up a workshop in a shed, you’re in luck! There are lots of benefits, and the Lancaster Barns team can help make your vision a reality. 


Having a workshop shed right on your property gives you accessibility to everything you need right in your own backyard! Its proximity to your main living space makes it convenient to use the space and spend more time enjoying your hobby.


Having a dedicated workshop space gives you greater privacy and fewer distractions. You can get peace and quiet and stretch your creativity for those hobbies that require solitude. Or, you can work without interrupting others if your hobby requires the use of loud tools or other noisy equipment.


Depending on your hobby, you might need a lot of storage space. And chances are your garage, basement, and other parts of your home are already filled to max – not leaving you much room for your projects and all the supplies you may need. A workshop shed can provide much needed additional storage space and lighten up the load in other parts of your home. And with additional storage, you have the chance to take your hobby to the next level by buying more tools and supplies for your projects.


A workshop shed allows you to keep all your hobby materials in once place and keep them well organized. When designing your shed with Lancaster Barns, you can include built-in shelves and workbenches so all your items have their own space. From there, you can organize even more by purchasing storage baskets, racks, or stackable tote bins.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying your workshop shed from Lancaster Barns is your ability to fully customize your shed to your exact needs. Our design team will help you choose the appropriate shed size and interior layout so you have a workshop space that’s optimized for comfort and functionality. You can also customize your shed exterior including the siding, roof, doors, windows, and additional decorative features like shutters, cupolas, and even flower boxes. Want to start designing right now? Check out our virtual Shed Designer tool.

Top Considerations for Your Workshop Shed

workshop shed with porch

There are a lot of important factors to consider when turning a shed into a workshop space:


The size of your shed will depend on the activities you plan to do there, and how much storage space you need. If your hobby doesn’t require a lot of work space or equipment, then a smaller size shed can be a good option. For a hobby that requires a lot of materials and equipment or tools, opt for a larger workshop shed.


Choose your shed flooring based on the kind of activities you’ll be doing there. At Lancaster Barns, you have multiple options to pick from including LP Sure flooring which is designed specifically for sheds. It’s constructed of materials that are designed to last longer than a standard plywood floor and features a double overlay that creates a professional-grade appearance with no knots or voids.


Regardless of a shed’s size or style, having a well-lit space is important for any workshop. Adequately sized windows in strategic positions will maximize the amount of natural light that enters the space and help with visibility. Depending on your hobby, you should also include artificial light sources to ensure you’re working in safe lighting conditions.

Shed Workshop Ideas

Large workshop shed with Porch and dormers

There’s no limit to the kind of shed space you can create! Here are just a few backyard workshop ideas to get your creative juices going:

Garden Shed Workshop

Love gardening? Try these garden shed workshop ideas. Create a workspace for planting vegetable or flower seeds that you can germinate and then transfer outdoors. Make a potting shed where you can store all your planters, flowerpots, soil, and potting tools. Set up a fun craft space where friends and family can come to pot their own plants.

Woodworking Shed

If woodworking is your hobby, invest in a woodshop shed where you can escape to fine-tune your craft. The Lancaster Barns design team can help you create the interior layout of your space so you have plenty of comfortable work space and ample storage for all your woodworking tools and supplies.  

Recreational Shed

Sometimes your hobby takes you away from home – like fishing, hunting, or biking. But you still need a safe and secure place to store all your equipment. Having a recreational shed is an affordable way to keep all your valuable items in one spot, protected from the elements.

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