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Cupola Delivery Information

Cupolas under 30" are delivered UPS. 30" and over are delivered motor freight on a pallet. Unloading the cupola is the customer's responsibility. Lift gates are available to help unload the pallets. This service runs around $50 to $75.00. Please request this service if you do not have the man power or forklift to unload your cupola.

Most of the cupola models are made with a hole in the top to fit a weathervane. Please request a plug if you are not planning on using a weathervane with your cupola.

Cupolas do not come precut to your roof pitch but do include directions to guide you through cutting in your pitch.

Cupola Customer Testimonial


You guys are wonderful. I got my Cupola today!!! Fast, very fast. Great value!

At first I thought there was a real sure looked like wood to me...after picking at the thing with a razor blade for 10 minutes, I realized it is 100% vinyl!!! It was very funny.

Thanks again!

Charlie - Linwood, NJ