Goat Sheds

Our quality, custom goat sheds provide shelter for your goats against harsh weather conditions. Our goat barns include a floor and one set of double doors and gable vents. The positions and sizes of our goat shelters are customizable to accommodate any number of goats or other small animals you may be raising. Sizes range from 8' x 12' small goat sheds and 12' x 40' large goat sheds with prices starting at around 4-5K. they are available within a 300 mile radius of  zip code17601.

Our variety of options include:

* Total or partially enclosed shed with or without a run-in area

* Standard entrance door or Dutch doors (Bottom and top halves open independently.)

* Smaller 3’x3’ hinged door just for the goats.

* 5/8” plywood floor can be pressure treated. Some customers prefer gaps in the floor or prefer no floor.

* Plywood landing for the goats to climb/sleep on. You can choose the size and height.

* Plywood walls to prevent the goats from chewing the 2/4 framing. You can customize how high this goes.

* Custom window height. Drop vents also available.

* Partition wall separating feed room from the run in area. Can extend to top of wall for airflow or to the ceiling.

These sheds can also be used as storage for grain, hay, or other supplies. Contact our sales staff for options.

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