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    Victorian wood gazebo
  • Victorian wood
    Victorian Wood Painted White

Victorian (double roof): Octagon

Stunning wood gazebos with lots of open space!  Commercial or residential, let us hand craft one just for you.

QUALITY WOOD MATERIALS-we use clear grade kiln dried hand sealed pressure treated lumber. We have found that clear grade is superior to #1 grade with less knots throughout. Milled on all four sides and sanded smooth. This treatment enables us to stain or paint immediately for longevity.

ESTHETICALLY DESIGNED- If you look closely, our design sets us apart. With attention to small details such as rail height, overhang, roof design, details in the underside of shingles. This is why we believe we hear compliments like this, “I’ve been looking at many gazebo companies but yours are the nicest we have seen”

FUNCTIONAL- One way we accomplish a more functional gazebo is longer posts. This allows for matching top rails along the roof perimeter. This allows for a more uniform appearance and enhanced standing view.

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