Recent Projects

Pool Shed Perfection

After installing a pool, many homeowners discover that their dream backyard oasis comes with a hidden challenge: storage. Pool equipment, floats, and poolside furniture all need a dedicated space to keep your backyard clutter-free and maximize poolside enjoyment.

Truly Custom, Truly Yours

At Lancaster Barns, we take pride in making our customers' dreams a reality. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating on a unique and truly custom project that perfectly illustrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Shed Row Barns: The Horse Haven That Balances Budget & Bliss

Are you considering an upgrade for your equine friends? Shed row barns seamlessly blend affordability with comfort, creating an ideal sanctuary for your horses. Whether you envision spacious stalls for individual attention or a cost-effective shelter for grazing pastures, a shed row barn ticks all the boxes.

Returning Customer Spotlight: A Testament to Quality

Our commitment to professionalism and quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our services. A valued customer, appreciated our dedication so much he purchased not one but two sheds from us! His words reflect the core values we uphold and strive to deliver to each of our customers.

Crafting Confidence: A Shed Testimonial Story

In the world of purchasing structures for your property, uncertainties can often creep in. Yet, at Lancaster County Barns, we strive to transform this process into a seamless journey, ensuring our customers feel confident every step of the way. This testimonial sheds light on a remarkable customer experience, reflecting our commitment to ease, transparency, and personalized service.

Custom 2-Story Gambrel Roof Garage

Our Gambrel Roof Garage is a beautiful blend of style and durability handcrafted by our team of skilled Amish artisans. This garage is a true testament to precision construction and stunning design, bringing a touch of charm to your property. This garage style is ideal for storing larger lawn and outdoor equipment, jetskis, boats, trailers, and vehicles! 

Playhouses: Constructing New Worlds

In a world where screens dominate children's playtime, there's something extraordinary about a place where imaginations can run wild, unhindered by technology. We understand the joy of play and the magic of childhood. That's why we're passionate about crafting playhouses and personal-use sheds that make perfect surprises for all ages.

Custom Sheds

Our services are customized to match the distinct needs of every customer perfectly. Russ is one of our esteemed clients who perfectly embodies this dedication to excellence.

More Than a Shed

Our structures are more than a shed. They're spaces to create, play, work, and so much more. 



Serenity Cottage

The reliability and craftsmanship of our custom structures keep customers coming back, project after project. Take it from Mary, who has invested in multiple Lancaster County Barns structures over the years. 

Large Garages

At Lancaster County Barns, we take pride in offering high-quality modular garages that provide generous space. 

The Farmhouse Shed

"We love the sheds! Thank you so much for all your help. All of you were a pleasure to deal with and did a beautiful job."

-A satisfied customer

Custom Amish-Built Garage

With our Amish-built garages, you gain usable space and add value and beauty to your property.  

Custom Storage Solutions

Our customer, Adam, is very pleased with the final result of his shed!

Chicken Coops

Spring is about to “hatch”! Are your chickens safe and secure in their current environment? Can they roam freely without fear of harm? Whether you’re looking for a quaker chicken coop with a feed room or a large combination coop and run, we have the perfect structure for your feathered friends. 

Custom Sheds for Specific Use

Our specific use sheds can be designed and customized to completely suit your needs!