Recent Projects

Chicken Coops

March 01, 2023

Spring is about to “hatch”! Are your chickens safe and secure in their current environment? Can they roam freely without fear of harm? Whether you’re looking for a quaker chicken coop with a feed room or a large combination coop and run, we have the perfect structure for your feathered friends. 

Custom Sheds for Specific Use

February 06, 2023

Our specific use sheds can be designed and customized to completely suit your needs!

Foundations For Your Structure

December 20, 2022

Before receiving your dream outdoor structure, it is essential to have a reliable foundation in place to ensure it is dependable for years to come. A solid foundation is one of the most important components of an outdoor structure.

Custom Features For Your Ideal Garage

November 14, 2022

A Lancaster Barns quality built one-car garage can conveniently shelter your car from the elements or provide useful storage space for tools, kids' toys, lawnmowers, and more. 

Custom Shed Solutions from Lancaster County Barns

November 03, 2022

Each Lancaster County Barns customer comes to us with a unique vision of the design for their shed and how they would like to incorporate the custom outdoor structure into their property.


October 18, 2022

Do you enjoy being outdoors and gathering with friends and family? Our custom pavilions provide a space to socialize. Your outdoor pavilion will be the ideal spot for enjoying the beauty of your landscape. 

Mike's Shed

October 05, 2022

When our customer Mike first had the idea to incorporate a shed into his yard, it was with some hesitation because he was looking for something to perfectly complement his property. After shopping around, he was very satisfied with his lovely garden shed from Lancaster County Barns!


Customized to Suit Your Needs

October 05, 2022

After looking around locally and on the internet, our customer from Walkersville, Maryland, chose Lancaster Barns with no regrets!


Horse Barn

October 05, 2022

Sharon is a proud owner of three Lancaster County Barns structures! Her newest structure is a two-stall shed row barn.



Dan's Pool House

October 05, 2022

Dan, one of our loyal customers, is a proud owner of three Lancaster County Barns structures!


Ken & Maria's Gazebo

October 03, 2022

Our customers, Ken and Maria, love their Amish-built gazebo!