Shed Rooflines: Which is Best for You?

Choosing a shed roofline is just one of the many design decisions you’ll make when you customize your shed from Lancaster Barns. And selecting the right roof pitch for your shed depends on a number of different factors.

Let’s take a look at the biggest factors in detail and highlight the different rooflines that are available from Lancaster Barns.

Roofline Considerations

Classic Roofline Deluxe Cape Cod shed with grey T1-11 Siding and black shingle roof

When deciding on the best roofline for your shed, think about:


What’s the primary purpose of your shed? For basic uses such as storage, a simple and cost-effective roofline should do the trick. For a workshop or hobby shed, you might want to opt for a roofline that allows for more overhead space.


Think about the overall style of your property and choose a shed roofline that complements the design style of your home and any other structures on your property.


Local climate and weather conditions should be considered when choosing a shed roofline. Rooflines with steeper pitches are better for shedding snow or withstanding heavy rain and water runoff. For milder climates, a flatter pitch roof can be a good option.


The complexity of a roofline can affect a shed’s overall construction costs. Know what your planned budget is, and our team will work with you to make sure you make the best roofline choice for your needs and your wallet.

Local Building Codes

Some regions may have restrictions on shed heights and styles, and the materials used in construction. Make sure your chosen roofline complies with those regulations.


Some rooflines can require more maintenance than others. For example, less sloped rooflines can be more prone to debris buildup which can lead to more required cleaning and maintenance over time.

Types of Shed Rooflines

So how many roofline types are available when you build a custom shed with Lancaster Barns? Lots! Let’s take a closer look at the features that make each one unique.

Hip roof style shed with T1-11 siding

Hip Roof Shed

With a hip roof storage shed, all sides of the roof gently slope down towards the walls, which creates a pyramid-like shape. It’s considered a classic, aesthetically pleasing roofline style that’s a nice complement to different architecture types and backyard settings. Check out the timeless roofline on this classic vinyl hip roof shed or hip roof garage.

Victorian Roof Shed

Victorian roofline can offer a classy look to any shed, with steeper pitches and graceful lines that create a unique shed style. The addition of a dormer to a Victorian roof shed adds extra personality and also provides additional natural light and additional shed space.

A frame roof style shed with ship lap siding

A-Frame Pitched Roof Shed

Our A-Frame shed offers our most popular roofline style. It refers to a style of roof that resembles the letter “A” when viewed from the front or side – with steep sloping sides that meet at the top and form a triangle shape. One example is our A-Frame pitched roof garage. A-Frame sheds are a versatile, low-maintenance option that make it great choice many different backyard settings.

Barn Roof Pitch

This classic and steeper shed roof pitch is characterized by two distinct slopes on each side, which makes it easy for rain and snow to drain and slide off the roof. You can also get a greater amount of storage space in a barn style shed by adding a loft. To add even more room and natural light, some shed owners add a dormer window. 

Quaker Style shed with t1-11 siding

Quaker Shed

Our Quaker sheds feature a timeless roofline design with a distinctive overhang. This style offers open rafter space inside which gives lots of headroom and ample additional storage space.

Mini Barn

mini barn from Lancaster Barns is a quality Amish built shed with a classic barn style look. Its smaller footprint makes it well suited for storing tools, garden accessories, seasonal furniture, and more.

Lean To Roof Pitch

lean to roof is a design in which the roof slopes/leans in one direction because the shed is typically placed beside or against another structure. This type of roof is commonly used for additions, extensions, or auxiliary structures like a shed or covered patio.  

Salt Box

salt box roofline has a unique design that resembles the shape of an old wooden box used for storing salt. It’s a classic architectural style often found in historic homes in New England. In our salt box sheds, the shed’s front wall is higher and the roofline is lower in the back. It’s a great choice for a gardening shed, workshop, or outdoor storage.

Questions about the Best Roofline for Your Shed? We Can Help.

Whether you’re purchasing a garage, shed, or some other structure from Lancaster Barns, there are many roofline types to choose from. Our team can help you pick the best option for your needs – connect with us today!

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