Everything You Need to Know About She Sheds

Move over, Man Cave – the “She Shed” is the latest trend when it comes to creating a private getaway spot outside of the home for relaxation, hobbies, or small gatherings with friends.

The she shed concept became popular about a decade ago with help from social sites like Pinterest. And the she shed craze really gained traction in 2019, thanks to the classic she shed commercial from State Farm Insurance (remember when Cheryl’s she shed caught fire?)

What Is a She Shed?

So what exactly is an outdoor she shed? It basically refers to a backyard retreat or private space designed for women (the female version of a “man cave”). Their popularity reflects a growing recognition of the importance of personal space and self-care – and celebrates the idea that everyone deserves a space of their own. 

She sheds are typically smaller structures, but the size should be mostly determined by how the shed will ultimately be used. And one of the most fun parts about owning a she shed is the ability to design the look and style of the shed to your personal taste – both on the outside and inside.

10 She Shed Ideas

Wondering how a she shed can be utilized? There are endless uses for sheds that go well beyond traditional storage for tools or seasonal items. Here are 10 she shed ideas to inspire you:

  1. Art Studio 

    Backyard cottage shed

    Set up an art studio in your she shed! It’s a great way to create an organized workspace for painting, drawing, photography, or even ceramics. Consider including lots of windows and a door with windows to allow for plenty of natural light.

  2. Reading Nook

    A reading nook can be the perfect quiet spot for curling up a with a good book – with no distractions! Include lots of pillows and blankets and comfortable furniture and add some bookcases to hold your favorite reads.

  3. Home Gym

    Finding enough space in your home to exercise can be challenging. So create a she shed featuring a home gym! Choose a shed size that will allow for any equipment you have – exercise bike, treadmill, weights. And include an area for recovery mats where you can stretch and relax.

  4. Meditation Studio 

    No time to get away for a yoga retreat? Create a personal meditation studio right in your backyard that you can enjoy any day of the year. Decorate your backyard yoga shed as a personal wellness sanctuary – complete with calming colors, music, and lots of natural light.

  5. Work From Home Space

    If you work remotely at least a few days a week, setting up a backyard she shed as a work from home space can be a wise investment. It will save you the stress of carving out a dedicated work area in your home and help save time and money that would otherwise be spent working remotely at a Starbucks or co-working space.  

  6. Coffee Bar

    Speaking of Starbucks, why not transform your she shed into a personal coffee bar? Include comfortable seating, coffee table, and music and enjoy lots of space to brew your favorite coffees for a fraction of what expensive coffee shops charge. 

  7. Sewing Shed 

    If you like to sew, invest in a shed and transform the space into a dream sewing room. You’ll have plenty of space for your sewing machine, threads, and fabrics. And if you enjoy other crafts, turn it into a multi-use craft shed – for jewelry making and more.

  8. Potting Shed

    Backyard she shed in white siding with fireplace and seating in front

    For those who have a green thumb and love gardening, create a potting shed. It’s a great space for organizing garden tools, watering cans, and other supplies. Include a shelving system for pots and seedlings and install a work table where you can keep soil and work your potting magic. 

  9. Collector’s Shed

    More and more people are collecting things as a hobby, and chances are there’s not enough space in their home to properly display their beloved findings. But having a collector’s shed can take care of that! Use a shed to organize and show off your favorite finds – like birdhouses, vintage tools and garden pots, furniture, glass items, and more.

  10. Girlfriend Lounge

    Remember that coffee bar we mentioned earlier? Why not convert it into the occasional girlfriend lounge! Serve adult cocktails and beverages while providing a fun space where you and your friends can kick back and enjoy good conversation.

Considerations for She Shed Designs

Lancaster Barns offers many unique shed styles that are well-suited for she sheds. 

Our team will work closely with you to help you make the best selection from our wide range of shed products, but here are some things to consider as you plan out your custom she shed:

Custom she shed with sunroom and deck
  • Decide what your backyard she shed will be used for. This will help you get an idea of what size shed is best for you. 
  • Think about your shed materials. This goes for both the exterior and the interior. There are many materials to choose from, including siding, painting, and roofing
  • Choose your organizational pieces. This would include cabinets and drawers as well as closets, wall shelving, and countertops.  
  • Have fun with a decorating style. Pick a design theme and plan accordingly! Think modern, cottage chic, garden, Victorian, minimalist, Boho-inspired…the list goes on. 

Are You In Your She Sheds Era? Talk to Lancaster Barns!

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